Mobile Truck Wheel Balancers and Tyre Changers

Mobile Truck Wheel Balancer
WB 190 For Mobile Service
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Universal hand spin wheel balancerfor car, truck and bus wheels, particularly suitable for mobile service.

Shaft height adjustible by handle. Even suitable for heaviest and biggest Super Single wheels. No Lift Needed.

The basement equipped with two wheels facilitates the handling and movement of the balancer, making it particularly suitable for mobile service, for example a racetrack.

Balancer equipped with a 12-volt battery with a working life of about 16 hours.

40mm shaft. The data arm automatically measures the wheel distance and diameter.

The Aludata program resolves all the problems of balancing aluminium rims.

mobile truck wheel balancers

Mobile Truck Tyre Changer and Wheel Balancer Combo
Truck Tyre changers and Wheel Balancers DIDO Service Mobile
Data sheet pdf

The DIDO Mobile service is a tyre changer and wheel balancer equipments (2 in 1) for giving a complete wheel service on the road for truck, light truck and wheel passanger.

Tyre Changer

Rim diameter range: 14 – 26 pulgadas
Maximun wheel diameter: 1380mm
Maximun wheel width: 750mm
Weight: Tyre changer+platoform: 460-470 Kg.

Wheel balancer

Rim diameter range: 8 – 30 pulgadas
Maximun wheel diameter: 1120mm
Maximun wheel width: 2 – 20 pulgadas
Maximun wheel weight: 200 Kg
Weight unit: Kit wheel balancer unit: 35 Kg.

mobile truck tyre changers and wheel balancers combo