Malas Drivestyle Centre in Pretoria, South Africa, is one of the biggest tyre shops world-wide. The shop, which opened only two years ago, is a kind of motorist’s dream world for tyres and wheels.

The premises, which cover 11,000 square metres, include among others a generous showroom, a cafeteria and a garage with 49 workplaces, each one equipped with an automotive lift. 150 highly qualified employees ensure quick and efficient service. In order to guarantee the high level of service quality in the long run, the Malas Drivestyle Centre fully rely on Snap-on garage equipment.

Among others the company has 20 innovative Hofmann balancers, two of them with diagnostic function of type geodyna optima where all wheel data is detected by laser, hence without contacting the wheel. For wheel alignment they have seven John Bean Visualiner 3D aligners, which allow accurate wheel alignment in a very short time.

“The Hofmann, John Bean and Boxer equipment has proven to perform quite excellent in our shop since its inception about 28 years ago. You can actually term the equipment “work horses”. Unlike other equipment, which may fail to stand up to such tests, they meet highest requirements at high volumes of work”, says Imtiaz Tayob, CEO of the Malas Group.

The company was founded by Ebrahim Tayob back in 1979. Thanks to dedication, hard work and business acumen the company has been able to develop from a tyre and motor spares dealer to one of the biggest tyre shops world-wide.