SBE40 Two Post Lift Base Free – 4 ton capacity

Clear floor design makes under vehicle service more convenient
Single side electrical lock release
Dual cylinders located in Master and slave column,
Dynamic test 115% of the rated capacity.
Static test: 150% of the rated capacity
Dual anti skidding safety device from column ladder safety to hydraulic seal protection
Special hydraulic system designed to avoid overload
ABS control box, 24v low voltage control system
High quality seals from Italy
High strength chain drive system
Quality power rack

ifications – SBE40 Lifting Capacity 4000 kg Min Height 110 mm Lifting Height 1900mm Column Height 3891mm Width between columns 2800mm Power of motor 2.2 kw Oil Pressure 18 MPa Power Supply 220v Lifting time 50 s Lowering Time 40 s

SB40 Two Post Lift , Base free – 4 ton capacity