M&B 803D
Wheel Alignment Automatic Height Tracking with HD Camera

The camera system follows the height of the vehicle, eliminating the need to adjust the aligner when you move the lift, and has very good accuracy than 5-megapixel camera. Get readings in less than two minutes on a wide variety of vehicles and wheel sizes Comprehensive vehicle specification database with frequent updates ensures you always have the information to do the job right


CE certification, Patents, Intellectual Property Rights of software, HD Camera, Small Target, USB Interface, FPGA Technology, Temperature Compensation, Intuitive , 3D dynamic simulation, Real-time Measuring, Less demand to lift level, high precision and quality, Need not Wheel Compensation.
Combined with 4 small target, 2 HD cameras 3D system provides the most economic and accurate four-wheel alignment.
Camera constantly takes pictures from the four target plates and do precise calculation, the measurement data immediately shown.
Camera calibration has been done in the factory.
The camera is fixed on the beam and no need to adjust.
The target does not have electronic devices, wire and battery, no need to calibrate

Technical Data

Power supply,110V~220V AC,50/60Hz Toe,+20°~-20° (±1′).
Camber,+10°~-10° (±2′). Caster,+20°~-20° (±3′). KPI, +20°~-20° (±3′). Set back,+5°~-5° (±2′). MAX Steering angle,+60°~-60° (±0.1°).
Thrust angle,+5°~-5° (±2′). Power,800 W,110V~220V AC,50/60Hz
Beam with 2 HD Camera, Moveable cabinet Computer,Brand PC, Software requirement: Win 7,32-bit operating system. Internal Memory Capacity,1G. Hard disk,250GB. CPU speed,2.9GHz, Dongle:1pc. Monitor,19″. Printer,A4 printer. Target,4 small target
Clamp,12″-22″(24″ option). Brake Fixer. Lock for Steering wheel
Turntables,2PCS. 2PCS Wedge Block . Luxury cabinet 1PC, Update,online freely. Warranty: one year. OEM services provided.

Wheel Alignment Automatic Height Tracking with HD Camera