CCD Wheel Aligner

G18 Wheel Alignment Machine

8 Sensor CCD wheel alignment machine, supplied complete with cabinet, keyboard, mouse printer, 4 x wheel clamps, 2 x turn tables, brake pedal depressor and steering wheel holder.

360 degrees closed space comprehensive measurement of the vehicle chassis, using measuring principle of geometric centerline and thrusting line, the steering wheel won’t slant after adjustment.

Adopting high-precision CCD image sensor and angle sensor technology guarantees the accuracy of system measurement.

Adopting Zigbee wireless communication with high-frequency 2.4GHZ, low power consumption, stable and reliable transport capacity.

More than 20000 data of domestic and foreign models with fuzzy query and database intelligent upgrading function.

System internal self-test, self-diagnosis and one-key self repairing.

ccd wheel alignment machines